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We are a group of people who want to carry forward over time the list of friends and admirers of the holiness of life of Father Jerome Gratian. This list of friends is headed by Holy Mother Saint Teresa of Jesus and Mother María of Saint Joseph.

We value Father Jerome Gratian as a Discalced Carmelite, preacher, spiritual writer, and Captain of the sons of the Virgin who directed the first steps of the destiny of the new Carmelite family, guiding it along the way of prayer, learning, and missionary service of the Church.

Convinced of the holiness of Father Jerome Gratian, we are part of a movement that began at his death and continues to this day, that one day his holiness will be officially recognized by the supreme magisterium of the Church.

“Once, Father Gratian found himself in the presence of Clement VIII and offered to talk of those who were his rivals; what he said about them is that they were saints.… and he said this with such humility that the Pontiff himself said to some Cardinals: ‘This man is truly a saint. Not that I am canonizing or beatifying him with these words, but I tell you two things: The first is that who said these words is who canonizes and beatifies on earth. The second is that when he canonizes or beatifies, he says no more than this.’”

   Friar Andrés Lezama, O. Carm.

   Homily in Madrid, December 1614


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